Third Annual Signing Days Celebrate 389 Signees

Electric Boat (EB) recently held our third annual High School Signing Days in Connecticut and Rhode Island, celebrating 389-and-counting high school students who have chosen to pursue a career in shipbuilding at EB following graduation. Since kicking off our first Signing Days just three years ago, EB has increased the number of students signing on to our team by 500%, growing from 77 students in 2022, 269 in 2023 and just under 400 this year. An exciting day for EB, our future generation of shipbuilders and their loved ones, Signing Day serves as a warm welcome to our new talent, and inspires students coming out of high school to see the great opportunities that come with a career in the trades at EB. At both Signing Days, students received their own hard hat, color-coded to their specialized trade. Equipped with the support of their loved ones, a passion for their trade and their first piece of PPE, all that’s between them and their first day aboard the EB team is graduation. 

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