General Dynamics Electric Boat has been designing and building submarines since 1899, beginning with USS Holland, the U.S. Navy’s first commissioned undersea warship. On February 7, 1899, American businessman Issac Rice incorporated the Electric Boat Company to complete a 54-foot submersible vessel developed by John Philip Holland. One year later, the world’s first practical submarine, the Holland, was accepted by the U.S. Navy, marking the beginning of the U.S. submarine force.

Over the course of 120 years, Electric Boat has maintained its dedication to delivering the most capable submarines in the world by emphasizing technical excellence, innovation and responsiveness to customer requirements. Electric Boat consistently develops and integrates complex systems to deliver a long line of first-of-a-kind ships to the U.S. Navy. While Electric Boat’s primary focus is on submarine production, the company actively participates in markets adjacent to its core business, leveraging expertise and technical innovation to naval surface ship and commercial nuclear programs.

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