Hyman G. Rickover Embarks on Sea Trials

Groton, Conn., is the Submarine Capital of the World, and for those visiting, living or working in the area, you can understand why—especially if you’ve caught a glimpse of an Electric Boat submarine cruising down the Thames River. Most recently, this was SSN 795 Hyman G. Rickover, heading out for the first time to embark on sea trials.

Watching a submarine be operated by her crew for the first time during sea trials is a milestone Electric Boat shipbuilders take pride in, knowing not only did we build an incredible vessel, but a home for the submariners who sail into harm’s way.

SSN 795 Hyman G. Rickover is the 22nd submarine of the Virginia class. The submarine’s namesake, Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, served for 63 years in the Navy and is credited with spurring the service to adopt nuclear propulsion after World War II. In 1950, Electric Boat was approached by Rickover, who asked if the company’s shipbuilders could build a hull for an atomic submarine. Just four years later, the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine, USS Nautilus, was christened at the Electric Boat shipyard in the Submarine Capital of the World.

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